Get A Walkway Or Retaining Wall Installation In Marietta & Kennesaw, GA

Combine Practical and Beautiful Features

Is your landscape missing something? Maybe a new outdoor living space would make it more enjoyable, or maybe a walkway would add a touch of elegance. Higginbotham Design LLC provides top-of-the-line hardscape design in Marietta & Kennesaw, GA. You can plan a custom hardscaping project to make your yard look like a paradise. We can handle everything from deck to retaining wall installation jobs. Your vision is our goal.

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Make solid hardscaping choices

Make solid hardscaping choices

You want your landscape to look refined, orderly and impressive. The right hardscape design can achieve these goals. We use stone and concrete to build outdoor kitchens, winding walkways and solid retaining walls. You can customize your project to fit your practical needs and stylistic goals.

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