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Hardscaping can pull your landscaping plan together in a dynamic way.

When contemplating a change in your landscaping, you might only think about plants. However, landscaping is much more than this. In fact, in many ways, hardscaping is the anchor for your landscaping plan. Our team at Higginbotham Design LLC can assist you with a landscaping plan that includes all the details, including dynamic hardscaping that pulls it all together.

Hardscaping in Marietta, Georgia

Giving outdoor spaces structural integrity and stability is one of the main goals of hardscaping. Pavers, paths, and retaining walls are examples of elements that act as a foundation for the surrounding landscape. For example, retaining walls provide stability on sloping terrain and stop soil erosion. Pathways and pavers help to avoid soil compaction, facilitate water drainage, and provide a firm surface for walking.

Additionally, a key component in converting outdoor areas into useful living spaces is hardscaping. By adding areas for leisure, entertainment, and dining, patios, decks, and outdoor kitchens increase the usable space of a property. These elements can improve your quality of life by fostering warm and inviting spaces for entertaining and socializing. Properly planned hardscapes can blend in with surrounding natural components, providing a pleasing balance of practicality and style.

Hardscaping components demand less upkeep than softscaping elements like grass and plants. Brick, stone, and concrete are examples of weather-resistant, long-lasting materials that require little maintenance. Because it requires fewer replacements and repairs over time, hardscaping not only saves time and work for property owners, but also adds to the overall sustainability of outdoor spaces.

Finally, hardscaping is an excellent way to add substantial value to your Marietta, Georgia home. Properly planned and executed hardscape elements enhance a property’s curb appeal, which increases its appeal to prospective buyers. As such, the perceived value of well-maintained, beautiful, and useful outdoor spaces may increase a home’s resale value.

If you’re considering a change in landscaping, don’t forget about hardscaping. Contact our team today to learn more.


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