Patios, Marietta, GA

We design and build patios that you can enjoy for years.

If you enjoy spending time outside but would prefer to stay closer to your own home to do so, you might consider the addition of a patio to your property. Patios can offer the perfect outdoor living space that can be used for cookouts, family gatherings, or relaxing in fresh air. If you are in the Marietta, Georgia area, you can come to us at Higginbotham Design LLC for a patio that will be beautifully designed and built to last for many years of enjoyment.

Patios in Marietta, Georgia

We have over 35 years of experience in the industry, so we know all the best ways to work with the topography, architectural design, and existing landscaping of your property to create a patio that will blend seamlessly and beautifully into your backyard. We can handle any difficulties that may arise as we work, including uneven terrain, drainage issues, or zoning laws. Our years of experience ensure that the patios we create are built to last and provide continued enjoyment.

If you have any ideas for your dream patio, we can bring those dreams to life with the perfect and most durable materials and designs. We can also complete the look of your patio by surrounding it with complementary landscaping that will tie the entire design together and blend well with the rest of your property. No matter the design or materials you choose, you can trust that it will be fully durable and functional for many years to come.

Whether you dream of backyard patios for family barbecues, neighborhood parties, stargazing, or otherwise you can count on us to design and build the patio of your dreams. Give us a call to get started today.