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Let your property shine with outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting has the power to turn a mundane outdoor space into a captivating sanctuary. Beyond its functional aspects, well-designed outdoor lighting can enhance the aesthetics of your landscaping and create a welcoming atmosphere in your outdoor living spaces. For more than 35 years, our team at Higginbotham Design LLC has created outdoor spaces that shine.

Outdoor Lighting in Marietta, Georgia

Outdoor lighting serves as a canvas, allowing you to highlight the beauty of your landscaping. By strategically placing lights around trees, plants, and hardscaping, we create a visually stunning and well-balanced outdoor space. We can also design a lighting plan that highlights the architectural features of your home and property, such as a gazebo or outdoor fireplace.

Additionally, as the sun sets, outdoor lighting becomes essential for extending the usability of your outdoor living spaces. Whether it’s a quiet evening reading a book on the patio or hosting a lively gathering with friends, well-placed lighting ensures you can enjoy your outdoor areas long after the natural light has faded.

Another thing to consider is that outdoor lighting enhances safety and security. Well-lit pathways and entrances reduce the risk of trips and falls, while a well-lit exterior can deter potential intruders. Our team can assess your space to see where lighting might suit your needs best and provide you with personalized options.

If you’re curious about seeing your property in a different light, contact our team to see what options we can offer you in the Marietta, Georgia area.