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Water features add a calming presence to your yard.

Water features are a great way to turn an ordinary landscape into a peaceful retreat when creating the ideal outdoor getaway. The soft sound of flowing water, shimmering reflections, and the general atmosphere that water features produce significantly adds to a space’s visual appeal and tranquility. At Higginbotham Design LLC, we create dynamic landscape designs that incorporate water features in the Marietta, Georgia area, giving you a wonderful ambiance that you’ll love for years to come.

Water Features in Marietta, Georgia

Adding water features to your outdoor space can improve its overall atmosphere and foster peace and quiet. Calm, soothing sounds like a cascading waterfall or soft bubbling fountain are good ways to unwind. Not only can water features stimulate the sense of hearing, but they also improve the aesthetic attractiveness of the surrounding area, resulting in a peaceful and welcoming ambiance.

A waterfall or a sophisticated fountain are examples of customizable features that can enhance the overall aesthetic of your outdoor area. Your garden might look more beautiful and interesting because of the visual contrast that water features create. Our skilled team has over 35 years of experience in the landscaping industry and knows how to design a plan that makes the most of water features, giving you a look that’s seamless with the rest of your yard.

Including water features in your landscape design can also help encourage biodiversity. For instance, water may attract different kinds of birds, insects, and other creatures, resulting in a lively and dynamic environment.

If you’re curious about adding water features to your yard, contact our team today.


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