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Well-planned water features can transcend your outdoor space.

The presence of water features can have a big impact on the atmosphere and design of an area, whether it’s a calm backyard garden or a small front yard. At Higginbotham Design LLC, we understand how water can transform a space, which is why we offer water feature design as part of our landscaping services in the Marietta, Georgia area.

Water Feature Design in Marietta, Georgia

Any area can feel peaceful with a soft fountain or tumbling waterfall. Gardens, patios, and meditation areas are perfect places to incorporate the calming sound of flowing water because it promotes relaxation and mindfulness. There is also no denying the aesthetic impact of water features. Reflective surfaces, such as ponds, give the area a sense of refinement and visual expansion. Skillfully crafted water features have the potential to become focal points, elevating the environment’s overall beauty.

Water also brings energy to a space. Interactive water displays and dancing fountains are examples of dynamic water features that bring life and fun to their surroundings. These elements work especially well in any setting and might be fun to consider for the younger members of your family. Finally, the presence of water features in outdoor spaces can help moderate the temperature. Strategically planned water feature design can improve your comfort and create a more pleasurable atmosphere for anyone who visits your space.

Simply put, our water feature design team can achieve a harmonious balance between the natural and manmade environments in your outdoor space while providing you with a myriad of benefits. Contact us today to learn more about the power of a well-designed water feature.


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